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Silverwood Theme Park version 3.0

Roller Coaster Alley's Scarywood Theme Park 2010 Trip Report

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So in case you?ve been living under a rock the past 6 months, Scarywood is back at Silverwood. Yes, after a very successful initial attempt at a Halloween event in October 2009, the rumor mill was churning with ideas about what Silverwood would be cooking up for Scarywood?s sophomore year in 2010. No doubt as a result, the park announced in July that they planned to dump $1 million into beefing up this already awesome event. Anybody who knows a shred about the theme park industry knows that Halloween events are cash cows ? heck, Knott?s claims that their Haunt brings in more money than any other time of year. Silverwood wanted to bring back the crowds with a bigger, better event this time around.

Included in the investment was a then-unnamed new attraction to be built in the Ice Palace warehouse, along with the hiring of Gore Galore, a professional design company, to help develop and improve the entire experience. More details unfolded as the summer came to a close - the new maze would be called "Blood Bayou", the train ride was given a new name - "The Zombiewood Express", and more scareactors would be placed throughout the park. As we came to find out, the investment Silverwood made was worth every penny.

Truly, Silverwood could have easily stopped there. But we?ve come to expect big things from this little park, and Scarywood 2010 was no exception. After all that was promised with the million dollar investment, they still had an ace up their sleeve. And so, in mid-September, they announced one last improvement - Timber Terror would run backwards for the first time, through the entire month of October. As if the mazes and constant scares weren?t enough, this added plus would ensure that the coasters ? at least this coaster ? didn?t feel a bit left out when it came to the Scarywood crowds.

So, the RCA crew headed out to the park to check out Scarywood Theme Park 2010. And the event did not disappoint. Entering the park we were immediately greeted by what appeared to be a nine foot insect monster, scaring all guests that tried to get by. Several other monsters and scareactors were all over the place in every corner of the park. And the theming throughout the entire park was amazing - bales of hay, cornstalks, pumpkins, graveyards, and fog machines were EVERYWHERE this year. Visitors were hard-pressed to find an area of this park that even began to resemble Silverwood as we know it during the summer.

The Country Carnival gets into the act as well, playing up a twisted angle on its traditional county fair theme. The entire area is set up as a scare zone, with demented clowns jumping out of every game booth. Several will follow guests even as they try to find a safe place to escape. The theming was spectacular, and definitely gets the blood pumping.

Scare zones are great, but of course the gems of Scarywood are the haunts themselves. First up - Terror Canyon Trail. This was the highlight of Scarywood last year, bar none. However, this year, it is easy to spot several differences ? some refreshing changes to keep the maze from becoming too predictable. For one, the entire ramp leading from the entrance building down into the riverbed is enclosed in giant spider webs and walls. The queue also is enclosed, along with the bridge over the river. Unlike last year, there is no sneak-peek at what you are about to experience...instead all that can be heard are the screams of the poor victims brave (or is it foolish?) enough to take to the Trail.

Further, as guests walk around the grassy hill outside the ride they spot what appears to be an abandoned campsite, with a camping troop bus by the entrance sign that looks like it just went through a war zone. Approaching the entrance building in the queue, a radio broadcast informs all that a group of campers has mysteriously disappeared near Terror Canyon Trail, and advises giving the ranger station a call if anyone has any information. A perfect set-up for what is to come.

Guests enter the building to find two distraught campers begging for help to quickly find their lost friends. And then, it?s time to journey through the spider infested entryway ramp down into the now completely dry Thunder Canyon riverbed. The rest of the walk-through is filled with spiders, snakes, and all kinds of monsters lurking around every corner. There is a noticeable improvement in the theming this year, with plenty of well-designed sets and props all over the place. Scares are fast and frequenty, and continue even after the maze is considered to be "over and done with". We won?t spoil it for you, but trust us that it ain?t over till it?s over. Overall, Terror Canyon Trail is slightly less startling when compared to its 2009 predecessor, but the improved theming, enclosed entryway, and awesome storyline make this a must-do haunt.