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Silverwood Theme Park version 3.0

Roller Coaster Alley's Scarywood Theme Park 2010 Trip Report

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Next up: Zombiewood Express. It's easy to note this year that the train is completely transformed. It looks nothing like it does in the summer. The cars are decorated both outside and in, with blood scrawled messages covering the seats, and eerily-colored lighting all throughout each car that can do a variety of different things. The center car is also rigged with a giant Gatling gun on top of a cage that surrounds the riders. Additionally, each car has chain-link fences surrounding the sides, and panels all around that show a train that has obviously been out zombie-hunting. After boarding, this year guests quickly realize there is no pre-recorded voice guiding them on their journey through the woods. Instead the experience is heightened with live actors. And who else could Silverwood pick to narrate such a voyage but Nick Norton himself? Perfect choice, Silverwood! Nick plays the role of Sergeant Buzz, an expert zombie hunter who guides us through the Silverwood forest in search of zombies to kill.

Joining Buzz is Killer the Clown, The King (yup, Elvis is back from the dead at Scarywood!), Crazy Suzie, and Death himself. All five actors put on a very entertaining performance throughout the entire journey. At several points throughout the trip, the zombie-hunting crew use a variety of techniques to protect everyone on the train from the zombies that haunt the small village, the Silverwood mine, and the forest itself. The Gatling gun comes in handy a few times, along with rifles, axes, and some dynamite to stop the zombies hiding near bottom of the trestle.

There are a few good up-and-close scares here, though overall we found the Zombiewood Express to be much tamer with respect to the scares this year. Despite being less creepy, the theming is vastly improved from 2009, and the train ride provides an opportunity to enjoy world-class entertainment (Halloween-style, of course), and a breather from the rest of the scares in the park.

Finally, there is the new haunt for 2010 - Blood Bayou. Folks, this is everything it has been hyped up to be and then some. Silverwood started working on this attraction four months ago, and it shows with every detail. The journey begins with a walk across the bridge to the ice palace building. Fog surrounds those waiting in line, along with scary sound effects, setting the perfect atmosphere. Upon entering the building, giant anamatronic swamp monsters and creatures greet guests as they approach the entrance doors. The amount of detail in just this first room is a perfect indication of how much of a fright is coming up. Once inside, it's non-stop scares, one right after another. Every set, every room, every section is brilliantly designed, detailed, and decorated. Monsters, both human and non, jump out of literally every corner and door. It?s impossible to avoid them all as they cleverly appear from completely unexpected places! And, as is the case with Terror Canyon Trail, just because the end of the maze has been reached, it doesn?t mean by any stretch that the thrills have come to an end. We?ve done the Haunt at Knott?s, and are happy to report that Blood Bayou is on par with that world-class Halloween event. Silverwood should be proud of the accomplishment.

What about Timber Terror? Well, we?ve saved the best for last. It goes without saying that this coaster already completely and utterly rocks forward. But backward? Two words: In. Credible. We rode both in the front row and the back row (or would that really be the other way around?). Both were great, although the back of the train (normally the front row) is much more intense, rough, and wild. The experience is very unique, and although we have ridden this coaster hundreds of times, riding backwards takes things to a new level. We'll go so far as to say that even if you aren't into Halloween Haunts, it's worth heading out to Silverwood just to experience Timber Terror backwards. You don't want to miss out on this!

At the end of the day, we left Scarywood feeling frightened, satisfied, and tired. Just the way it should be. Silverwood put together an excellent event, and we feel a big improvement from 2009. If Scarywood can improve this much in just one short year, we have a lot to look forward to in the years to come. So stop thinking about it, and get out there to what has become in only 2 short years, the Halloween event of the Northwest.