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Silverwood Theme Park version 3.0

UPDATE FOR 4/21/07

Roller Coaster Alley is proud to be the first to bring you these exclusive photos provided by Silverwood Theme Park, of the exciting 2007 expansion to Boulder Beach water park. We're all getting very excited for the great new slides and attractions that await visitors to the park this summer.

For now, here are a few tasty shots of the good things to come. If you have any photos you'd like to share, send us an e-mail;, and we'll post them here on Roller Coaster Alley!

First up, here's a shot of the new wave pool. Remember, this is not a replacement - it will be an all-new second wave pool to thin out the crowds!

The giant family raft slide - Avalance Mountain - sits in pieces awaiting assembly. This promises to be the next big hit at Boulder Beach!

Boulder Beach is heavy on theming - and the rock walls that have begun to take shape are proof that the new slides will continue this great tradition.

In a few short months, visitors to Boulder Beach will brave their way down this already-assembled stretch of the 650-foot long Avalance Mountain slide.

A close up of the Avalance Mountain slide. This massive slide is 13 feet across and will carry rafts full of adventurous visitors.

Here is the "canyon" that Avalance Mountain riders will make their way into. It should be one amazing ride.

Special thanks to Mark White at Silverwood for these exculsive photos. Keep checking back with Roller Coaster Alley as we stay with you every step of the way through the construction of this massive expansion to Boulder Beach!


Mike & Chris
Roller Coaster Alley