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Silverwood Theme Park version 3.0

UPDATE FOR 4/29/07

Roller Coaster Alley is proud to continue to bring you these exclusive photos provided by Silverwood Theme Park, of the exciting 2007 expansion to Boulder Beach water park. As progress continues, our excitement builds for the great new slides and attractions.

Below are more great pictures to satisfy your curiosity until the summer begins. If you have any photos you'd like to share, send us an e-mail;, and we'll post them here on Roller Coaster Alley!

More updates starting with further development of the canyon for the Avalanche Mountain tube slide.

Work is progressing along nicely. Note the location of the slides in relation to Velocity Peak (in the distance). Also note the new unknown building under construction in the distance.

An interesting pic of the area where the ride ends. Tubes will be pulled back up the elevator incline found in the left of this pic. You can also really get a feel for how tall the "mountain" is from top to bottom.

View from a distance. This should be one sweet ride!

Workers continue to assemble Avalanche Mountain. You can really start to understand how huge this slide is when you pay attention to the size of the workers vs. the width of the slide.

Special thanks to Mark White at Silverwood for these exculsive photos. Keep checking back with Roller Coaster Alley as we stay with you every step of the way through the construction of this massive expansion to Boulder Beach!


Mike & Chris
Roller Coaster Alley