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Silverwood Theme Park version 3.0

UPDATE FOR 11/2/06

Silverwood Thinks BIG for 20th Anniversary

Well folks, Halloween is over, the snow in the mountains has started to fall, and there are many, many days until Silverwood Theme Park will open for the new season. All these factors can only add up to one thing: it?s time for Silverwood to make their annual announcement for expansion to the park!  Time to tease us with information about the good things to come so that we can start counting the days until the gates open in 2007. Remember, Silverwood will turn 20 years old next season, so there?s never been a better time to do something big.

And that?s just what the park is doing next year: something BIG. 

At a press conference earlier today at the park?s High Moon Saloon, representatives from Silverwood announced several major new attractions for 2007.  The news is big people, and remember, you read it first here on Roller Coaster Alley.

For 2007, Silverwood will dump $5 million into Boulder Beach and expand the park by 10 acres. How and where will the money be spent? Well, in all the right places of course. For starters, a second wave pool will be added. That?s right, an entirely separate, second wave pool. That should help take care of the crowds on those 100+ degree summer days. Next, a second kids play area will be added to ease the numbers off of the existing Polliwog Park. Perfect news for kids of all sizes. And Boulder Beach will also add two new restaurants, a beverage bar, and a small "island" between the two wave pools that is available for private parties.

All this sounds really, really good, right?

Well, you haven?t heard the BIG news yet.

In addition to the second wave pool, the second kids area, and the new restaurants and bar, Boulder Beach will completely set itself apart from the competition with the addition of a 650 foot simulated white-water rafting family slide.

What does that mean, exactly? Venturous guests will hike through a natural wilderness to reach the top of the slide, where they will board six-person rafts. The slide itself, designed by Whitewater West Industries Ltd. Of British Columbia, will carry the rafts down 70 feet of drops, twists and turns through a 30-foot deep rock wall canyon.  Thunder Canyon, this ain?t!

We know what you?re thinking: more info, please! Have no fear. As with every new attraction Silverwood has installed in prior years, Roller Coaster Alley will be with you every step of the way from the groundbreaking through the opening of these amazing additions. Incidentally, if you have any information, photos, videos, or anything else you?d like to share about this amazing expansion, send us an e-mail, or head on over to the message boards and share your thoughts with the RCA Community! 

So sit up straight, wipe the drool off of your chins, and start making plans to visit the park in 2007. It?s going to be one amazing year for the Northwest?s #1 theme park, and for RCA, your #1 online source for Silverwood Theme Park! Stay tuned for all the details!

Only 183 days to go...

Mike & Chris
Roller Coaster Alley