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Silverwood Theme Park version 3.0


This week, we've got some pictures taken from the other end of Boulder Beach! Here we're standing where the Polliwog Park will be located. You can see the foundation for the pool off to the right, as well as the restroom building. It also seems that some markers have been set for footers. Towards the left is one of the three bridges that will cross over Elkhorn Creek and onto the Sandbar. Way off in the distance you can see that the back buildings for the Big Moose Bay wave pool have started to take shape as well.

Here you can see the entrance building for Boulder Beach sitting next to many giant mounds of dirt, as well as someone's blue car. This building will house a swim gear and souvenir shop.

Moving out onto the grass we can see that the other side of Rumble Falls has started to go up as well. The two slides on this side are enclosed, so it will be completely dark inside them. They look pretty cool!

Here's a closer view of the Rumble Falls structure. You can see parts of all four slides have gone up. They've been putting this structure up pretty quickly. Our guess that the slides should be completed in the next few weeks.

Some lights have gone up for those of us who stay at the water park until it closes.

Here is the dump bucket that will be in the Polliwog Park. These things are awesome!

A bunch of parts and pieces are sitting here towards the end of the airstrip. The dump bucket is off to the right, so all of these parts must be for the Polliwog Park.

A distance shot of all the Polliwog Park parts.

As usual, we'd like to thank for the pictures used in this update.