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Silverwood Theme Park version 3.0

UPDATE FOR 4/14/03

Here is an overview of the Polliwog Park area. Footers have been put into place, and the foundation for the pool has been laid. We should be seeing this area start to rise pretty soon!

A great shot of Elkhorn Creek and the Sandbar. On the right, you can see one of the inlets where you'll be able to swim up to, climb out of the water and onto the island.

Another view of Elkhorn Creek. In the distance you can see the buildings for the changing rooms, the lockers, and the hamburger/pizza stall. Off to the right is the Ice Palace Theatre

A great overview of all the major parts of Boulder Beach. You can see Rumble Falls to the right, Big Moose Bay to the left, and Elkhorn Creek in the middle.

Big Moose Bay is slowly but surely coming along nicely! You can see that the eight water pump slots are completed, the side walls are almost done, and both buildings for the pump stations have gone up.

Here is a unique shot inside of one of the pump stations.

Another picture inside one of the pump stations showing some of the water pumping equipment.

Outside the pump station, you can see a close up of one of the eight slots at the back of the wave pool. Water will be pumped through this slot, causing the water in the wave pool to start rising and falling. Thus, we have waves!

Rumble Falls is almost done! Here you can see that the two enclosed slides are completely finished.

Another angle of the top of Rumble Falls. At the top you can see the openings for the two enclosed slides, and on the right you can see the other two slides. They aren't completed just yet, but they should be finished very quickly!

Here's a great overview of the entire structure. All four slides are looking great! It appears that the two slides to the left are completely enclosed, while the two on the right start out enclosed, and then come out of the tunnels partway through the ride.

To finish this update off, a closer view of the endings of all four slides.

As usual, we'd like to thank for the pictures used in this update.