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Silverwood Theme Park version 3.0


Scenery and landscaping are starting to go into Boulder Beach, which means the opening is fast approaching! You can see here a bridge over Elkhorn Creek.

Looking back toward Silverwood, you can see that even more landscaping is going in. Trees, shrubs, and scenery all make their way into Boulder Beach. If you look in the distance, you can see Silverwood's existing Ice Show Theater.

More landscaping including trees and bark show just how well Boulder Beach will be themed!

Landscaping aside, Rumble Falls is done! You can see the two completely enclosed slides on the left, and the two primarily open slides on the right. Keep in mind that these have been announced to be double tube slides which can make for a very fun ride!

Big Moose Bay continues to take shape as the concrete base has been poured. You can really start to get an idea of just how huge this thing will be now.

Polliwog Park has really gone vertical as of late! You can see here that the structure is basically completed. There will be several areas with water sprayers and small dump buckets that will surprise you as you walk up the stairs. Watch out below!

More of Polliwog Park. For those who have never experienced one of these areas before, they aren't just for kids! It's like walking through a maze of water to get to the top!

Finally, the top of Polliwog Park. Up here is where they will attach the giant "dump bucket". This huge bucket will be constantly filled by water and once it reaches a certain level, the entire bucket tips over and absolutely drenches everyone and everything below!

As usual, we'd like to thank for the pictures used in this update.