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Silverwood Theme Park version 3.0

UPDATE FOR 5/11/03

A great overview of Boulder Beach water park from the top of Polliwog Park. You can see Elkhorn Creek, Big Moose Bay, and Rumble Falls in the distance. In a few short months, this place will be packed with people!

The "floating sand bar" at Elkhorn Creek will be a great place to pick up some drinks to enjoy as you stroll endlessly down the river on your tube.

Here is a great view of the Silverwood airport runway from the top of Polliwog Park. Should be a pretty sweet view of any aircraft activity from this point!

Rumble Falls are almost ready to rumble!

Big Moose Bay and the turn around for Elkhorn Creek.

Here is the dump bucket that will be used to douse those at Polliwog Park. It is about to be lifted to the top of Polliwog Park by this huge crane.

The giant bucket on its way up to the top of Polliwog Park.

The destination for the bucket.

One its way up...from this picture you can see the size of the dump bucket relative to the entire structure of Polliwog Park.

Getting closer...

Almost there...

Construction workers bolt the bucket in place. This bucket will be constantly filled with gallons and gallons of water. Once the water reaches a certain level, the weight causes the bucket to tip over and soak the entire structure below! Then the bucket's weight causes it to tip back rightside up, and refill for the next dousing!

As usual, we'd like to thank for the pictures used in this update.