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Silverwood Theme Park version 3.0

UPDATE FOR 5/10/05

Roller Coaster Alley is proud to provide these brand new photos of the new flat ride making its way to Silverwood this year. Special thanks to our good friend Justin Stewart for these great pics!

Rumor still has it that the new ride will be a Trabant, and the now constructed base would lead us to believe this is true. The ride takes the place of the former Monster, which was taken down during the 2004-2005 offseason.

Here is a closer shot of the base of the certainly appears to be a Trabant! Great to see Silverwood bringing in a new ride (even if only one flat ride) for the first time since Tremors in 1999!

You can see from this longshot the Corkscrew coaster next to the new flat ride area. We wonder if the ride will get a new coat of paint in a different color, or if the blue and white will stay. Only time will tell...

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