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Silverwood Theme Park version 3.0

4/11/04 UPDATE

Silverwood Theme Park has released more information about the new slide complex coming to the park in 2004. Dubbed "Velocity Peak", this addition to Boulder Beach will contain three heart-pounding slides with speeds of up to 50 miles per hour. You can view the photo below for an idea of what Velocity Peak will look like, or read on below for more information!

Velocity Peak will expand into the northeast corner of Boulder Beach, as seen from the original diagrams for the park released in the winter of 2002. See the diagram below for drawn details of this exciting new addition to Boulder Beach which will appear in the area marked "Future Development" to the far right of the diagram.

The slides will be pure "body slides" meaning you won't need the innertubes or mats of any sort, just your body as you fly down these thrilling slides.

Three slides will make up the complex: a completely enclosed, pitch dark twister, a huge camelback monster that will take riders down three air-filled bumps, and the king of them all: a giant freefall slide which will take riders down a 62 foot drop, reaching top speeds of up to 50 miles per hour! Folks, that's only 5 miles per hour slower than Timber Terror reaches on it's way down the first drop! Wicked!

Roller Coaster Alley will continue to share with you all the news surrounding Velocity Peak, as well as being there for photos and reviews when the slides open this summer. If you have any photos of the construction you'd like to contribute to the site, please e-mail RCA by clicking this link.

Be sure to keep checking back with RCA for future updates. We are committed to remain your #1 source for Silverwood Theme Park!


Mike & Chris